We are a team of leading fintech specialists, crypto innovators, blockchain developers, investors, and partners to help you take a step ahead in life by profiting from the next frontier of growth opportunities.

Either you are a first-time investor or one looking for diversifying a portfolio, We push the boundaries of traditional investing and provide the best, personalized solutions for our investors. Our portfolio boasts of innovative investment products, high-quality solutions, and top experts with a proven track record in the cryptocurrency world.

As our firm is built on a strong foundation of intellectual and financial capital, we focus on attracting highly talented people. We create an atmosphere that rewards initiative, independent thinking, and integrity. Our solid financial base, including strong capital, ensures our capacity to deliver on our commitments. Furthermore, the deep expertise of the team gives us the foundation of intellectual capital on which we draw.

Norberto Parisella


A Venture Capitalist for the past 10 years Norberto has invested in several companies. His extensive expertise includes developing strategies for sales and marketing as well as general business development and connecting with technology leaders in the space. Norberto has also worked in the corporate world as a professional trader with Saxo bank trading in forex commodities and CFD. He has also collaborated with Russian, American and European certified engineers within the blockchain industry.

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