Defi Networx was born with the aim of making its customers part of the company. Precisely for this reason, every customer who purchases a package automatically becomes a shareholder of Defi Networx.

This year, Decentralized Finance has seen a parabolic expansion, in which the total locked-in value has increased from less than $ 1 billion to nearly $ 7 billion today. Since early 2020, dollar TVL across all DeFi platforms has risen by more than 1000% and does not seem willing to slow down. The comparison between DeFi and the multi-trillion dollar world of traditional finance indicates that the decentralized alternative has a lot of room for growth. Even compared to the broader crypto market, DeFi is still only a speck, with an aggregate market cap of the 37 leading DeFi tokens amounting to just $ 6.7 billion, 2% of the total capitalization of all cryptocurrencies.

DeFi's incredible rise this year has been compared to pre-2013 Bitcoin and pre-2015 Ethereum, which he called "unrepeatable asymmetric bets": The pre-2021 DeFi is an opportunity that happens once every ten years. If you missed the first two, don't miss the last one.

The Vision

The company is oriented to grow and make its partners grow exponentially over the next 3 years. How?

Artificial Intelligence AI

Crypto Trading

AI Trading Course

DeFi Course

Mining Course


Liquidity pool farms


Massive lottery system

Liquidity tokens

Blockchain Services

Fintech Services

Diversification is the basis of the company's vision, in order to be able to count on a sustainable system capable of satisfying the expectations of our partners.

The vision of our company is not only oriented to financial growth, it is also oriented to grow in an eco-sustainable way. Defi Networx, is the first company engaged in network marketing to have started a decarbonization process that will soon bring our company's CO2 emissions to 0.

In fact, Defi Networx will donate part of the fees in favor of afforestation and tree planting and the choice of the type of tree that will be planted can be made by our customer when purchasing the package.

Financial growth in an eco-sustainable way is the vision of Defi Networx.

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